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Laura C Wright

Artist Statement

Living for 23 years at the foot of a military secured airport, next to one of the largest super fund river sites in the US, in a community with no grocery store or community center and a 9-year shorter life expectancy than the rest of the city, which is all on occupied Duwamish land, has influenced the way I connect art-making to a complex system of storytelling.  My work employs craft based processes, underrepresented histories, and the deconstruction of technology to demilitarize and decapitalize space by reclaiming history and repurposing craft for resistance.  


Radio has become a medium in which I explore the potential of sharing stories outside of capitalist structures through interactive installation and amplified garments. Through camouflage and its origins of male artists employed to develop the technology during the First World War and British ladies, Hawaiian Lei makers, and illegally imprisoned Japanese Americans employed to weave it in the Second, I reveal the invisibility of stories and people in our landscape.  With natural dye I connect to a history of womxn who have shared their recipes and knowledge through multiple low budget publications and websites with the industrialized dye history that was the precursor to chemical warfare and western medicine.  

My practice incorporates new media with old, and craft with mass-produced items or methods, in the hope to broaden our understanding of what technology is, our expectations of who owns and produces it, and how a more inclusive use and definition of these tools can bring about a positive cultural revolution.




2013      MFA, University of California Santa Cruz, Digital Art and New Media

2004      MFA, University of Washington, Fiber Arts                     

1996      BFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago




2018-Present Seattle Academy of Arts and Science, Highschool Art Teacher 

  • Sculpture - woodworking and alternative methods

  • Introduction to Painting and Drawing

  • Filmmaking- Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced


2018 ZERO1 American Arts Incubator Program, Artist and Educator with   the Kochi Muziris Biennial Foundation in Kochi, India 

  • Amplified Voices: Exploring Gender Equality Through Audio


2013-2014              Lecturer, University of California Santa Cruz, 

Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program 

  • Introduction to Electronics for Art Making 


2014 Instructor, San Francisco Art Institute, Adult Continuing 

                                Education Program 

  • Contemporary Practices in Fiber Art


2014 Course Assistant, University of California Santa Cruz

School of Art 

  • Think/ Invent: Introduction to 3D Concepts


2011-2013        Teaching Assistant, University of California Santa Cruz

  • Senior Projects in Digital Media

  • Introduction to Film Production

  • Introduction to Drawing

  • Introduction to Photography

  • Artist in the Archive (theory and practice)

  • Introduction to Visual Art


2007-2011 Instructor, University of Washington Professional & Continuing Education Program

  • Conceptual Practices in the Fiber Arts


2006-2011 The Northwest School, Highschool Art Teacher

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Sculpture

  • Filmmaking


2004       Teacher of Record, University of Washington

  • Foundations 3-D Design, 


2003 Teaching Assistant, University of Washington

  • Introduction to Art Theory


1999-2008 Youth in Focus, After School Photography Program for            

                                 Teens Furthest from Educational Justice

  • Photography Teacher 1999-2008

  • Program Assistant 1999-2001

  • Program Director 2001-2003




Super 8 Projects

I founded and ran a community focused film festival from 2006-2020 (I have an educational support role now) in which participants are taught how to make super 8 films, provided need-based subsidized film, and are lent a camera to shoot their film.  Films are screened at a local venue to create a sense of understanding and share experience for a region with few communal gathering spaces.


2006-Present     The Georgetown Super 8 Film Festival (GS8)

2006- 2010 The Georgetown Grant

2015 The Oakland Super 8 Film Festival (OS8)

2015  The Santa Cruz Super 8 Film Festival (SCS8)



As part of the Zero1 American Arts Incubator Fellowship Program through the US Department of State, I was sent to Kochi, India to develop artwork and workshops centered around the use of technology to address gender equity. 


2018     Workshops with participants through the Kochi-Muziris Biennial Foundation

2018 Narrowcasting Exhibit at Pepper House in Kochi, India



The Radidio project began as a thesis installation on the UC Santa Cruz campus exploring the use of radio as a means of non-commercial communication. This project expanded into workshops and a remote installation in the Joshua Tree desert.


2013     Interactive Installation utilizing radio communication at UC Santa Cruz, CA

2013     Workshop at the ZERO1 Garage in San Jose, CA

2014     Residency and Installation in Joshua Tree, CA 


Peddling Art

Peddling Art was a free giveaway of printed artwork from art producing bicycles in collaboration with artist Kristen Ramirez.  Kristen had a tricycle with a portable printing press and I had a pedal powered sewing machine in which I sewed printed patches onto willing participants' clothing.


2006 Participatory Performance at five Seattle, WA community events

2007 Participatory Performance at Bumbershoot, Seattle, WA



In my first community collaboration with the Georgetown neighborhood, I asked residents for a piece of clothing that held meaning to them and combined these garments to make 5 large banners that were placed around the community.  Without a non-commercial meeting space, and the encroachment of both the airport and a potential garbage dump, this project served to create visibility of this resilient neighborhood.


2005 Collaborative Project and Five Site-Specific Neighborhood Installations, Georgetown, Seattle, WA





2018                   Pepper House, Narrowcasting, Kochi, India

2008                   Grey Gallery, Un Titled, Seattle, WA

2007                   4 Culture Gallery, Independence, Seattle, WA

2005 Capitol Hill Arts Center, Jars n’ Jugs, Seattle, WA



2021 Prairie Underground, Narrowcasting, Seattle, WA

2016 Home is Where the HeArt Is, Oxbow Gallery, Seattle, WA

2015 Process and Product, Lancaster, PA

2014 Bloom, Lighthouse Point, Santa Cruz, CA

2013                   Bring It!, Zero1 Garage, San Jose, CA

2013                   University of California Santa Cruz California, Thesis Show 

2013 Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA

2012                   The Firm, Seattle, WA

2010                   AV Club, Super 8 Shorts, Seattle, WA

2010                   Mighty Tieton, Tieton, WA

2008                   Grey Gallery, Seattle, WA

2008                   Ouch My Eye Gallery, Strange Co’s Couplings, Seattle, WA 

2007                   G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA

2007 Artopia, Georgetown, Seattle, WA

2005 G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA

2004 COCA Northwest Annual, Seattle, WA

2004 Henry Art Gallery, MFA Exhibition, Seattle, WA

2004            Steve Martin Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2003 Jacob Lawrence Gallery, CAA/MFA Northwest Juried Show 




2018 ZERO1 Arts Incubator Fellowship, Kochi, India

2017 Arteles Residency, Tampere, Finland

2015 Artist Trust GAP Grant, Seattle, WA

2014 Create Grant, Arts Council Santa Cruz

2014 Develop Grant, Arts Council Santa Cruz

2013 Rancho Paradiso Trailer Residency, Joshua Tree, CA

2013 Florence French Fellowship, UCSC

2013 Porter College Graduate Arts Research Grant, UCSC

2012                    Florence French Fellowship, UCSC

2010 City Artist Grant, Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs

2008- 2010          Neighborhood and Community Arts Funding Award, Seattle

2007 4 Culture, Artists Special Projects Grants, King County, WA

2006 City Artist Grant, Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs

2006 4 Culture, Artists Special Projects Grants, King County, WA

2006 Mayor’s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs Youth Arts Grant

2005 Artist Trust GAP Grant, Seattle, WA




2013 Artist on Art, KZSC radio interview by Nada Miljkovic


2013                   Creative Hacking by Christa Martin, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Sept. 


2010 Daily Candy, Weekend Guide, Nov. 11, 2010 

2009 Recycle, Repurpose, Re-create, Seattle Magazine, February/ March Issue

2008                  They are women, see their art by Regina Hackett, Reviewed and 

Image Featured in The Seattle P-I 

2005                   Image of work published in The Seattle Times for G. Gibson 

2004 Work Selected for Postcard for COCA’s Northwest Annual

2004 Reviewed and Image Featured in Seattle Weekly for MFA Show

2004 Reviewed in Seattle-Post Intelligencer for UW MFA Show

2003                       Fiber Arts, image of work featured in September/ October Issue



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